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Common Misconceptions

Why Choose Memori


Creating your Will and managing your assets is simple with our easy and user-friendly process.


Memori is an all-in-one platform that grants users the convenience to use a full range of services which cater to their legacy-planning needs.


Memori develops and deploys the latest blockchain and cybersecurity technology, for users to store their digital assets and Will securely and reliably.


Navigate the process of creating your Will, or handling your assets with clear, and readily-given information on our platform.

Online Payment

Payment for the site’s services is done online and hassle-free.

Professional Access

Memori allows its users access to professional help with certified Will planners, insurance agents and lawyers affliated with the site.

How to make a Will online in 4 simple
steps with Memori

Fill in the online form

Answer a few questions, including your personal details, the distribution of assets and who your Executor will be.

Review your Will

Before you pay, make sure that you’re satisfied with the contents of your Will.

Complete your payment

Once you have reviewed your Will, you can proceed to pay to download it.

Sign your Will

After downloading your Will, make sure you print and sign it with two witnesses to make it valid.

Things to take note before you begin

You’ll need the following information

Your personal details

Details of Executor(s)

Details of Beneficiary(ies)

Information of assets (bank accounts, insurance company policies or title deeds.)

Complete the session in one go

The session should take less than 15 minutes to complete if all information is available. Please ensure you have all the information with you before you begin.

Valid after endorsement

The downloaded PDF of your Will is only legally valid after you have printed and signed it, together with two witnesses. The Will should be stored in a secure place, with its location added to the Wills Registry, and made known to the Executor(s).

For convenience, Memori will launch Brunei Wills Registry within 2019, where Will Creators can store their Will.

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