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Over 80% of the population in Asia do not have legacy planning. Only one thing is certain in life; Everyone knows that. Sadly, last words are not communicated in time.

The experience of losing a loved one is difficult enough; and that's why we're here to change that.

We help to simplify the legacy
planning process.

Memori is a one-stop online platform that enables you to manage every aspect of your legacy, including Will creation, storage of digital assets, purchase of insurance policies and bereavement services and products.

Memori is everything you need for legacy management in one place, allowing you to live with a secure plan in place, before you leave.

You’re in safer hands

Memori is a reliable and safe partner for legacy planning, hear what our users say...

Memori serves as a convenient platform to manage, store and amend all my estate and legacy planning as time progress. It also helps to open up public awareness of such services and would encourage all to try it out.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

As a startup founder, Memori has filled a missing gap that an entrepreneur may not thought about until the later stage. Preparation is key, and Memori just made it affordable yet professional for everyone!

Startup Founder

Because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Memori is about taking care of tomorrow. For an individual We tend to not think what happen to everything that we build if we are no longer alive. Memori help Digitize the easiness and why having a will meant, so much to a person so there is continuity for their asset to be passed to their loved one.

Startup Founder

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